Checking date: 27/10/2020

Course: 2020/2021

Electrical networks management
Study: Bachelor in Electrical Power Engineering (222)


Department assigned to the subject: Department of Electrical Engineering

Type: Electives
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Students are expected to have completed
Magnetic Circuits and Transformers High Voltage Switchgear and Power Lines Electrical installations Electric Power Systems Digital Systems Applied to Electrical Power Engineering Electricity Markets
Electrical Grids Management offer a global vision for students of electricity transmission and distribution businesses and improve their potential of using their knowledge of electrical grids and equipment from a management point of view. Students also will identify key factors of electricity distribution business.
Description of contents: programme
MODULE A: ELECTRICAL GRIDS INTRODUCTION A-1: Past and future of electrical grids A-2: Structure and activities of Spanish Electric Sector A-3: Key numbers of Spanish Electric Sector MODULE B: ELECTRICAL ASSETS MANAGEMENT B-1: Electrical facilities introduction B-2: High voltage substations and equipment B-3: Power transformers B-4: HV overhead lines B-5: HV underground cables B-6: Medium and low voltage grids MODULE C: ELECTRICAL ASSETS MANAGEMENT PROCESSES C-1: Electrical transmission and distribution grids management C-2: Electrical facilities engineering and construction C-3: Electrical facilities maintenance C-4: Electrical grids design MODULE D: ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROCESSES D-1: Planning and operation of electrical grids D-2: Electrical grids topology D-3: Telemanagement topology D-4: Transmission and distribution operation procedures D-5: Analysis and operation planning
Learning activities and methodology
Student will have theoretical material and comprehensive exercises proposed by the teacher for each subject. During classes, main aspects of the subjects will be explained by the teacher, students doubts will be solved and application exercises will be done.
Assessment System
  • % end-of-term-examination 60
  • % of continuous assessment (assigments, laboratory, practicals...) 40
Basic Bibliography
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The course syllabus and the academic weekly planning may change due academic events or other reasons.