Checking date: 02/09/2021

Course: 2024/2025

History of Spain
Hispanic Studies (Plan: 285 - Estudio: 84)

Coordinating teacher: GONZALEZ CALLEJA, EDUARDO

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Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
No previous knowledge is required
Students should gain an understanding of the major processes and events in the history of Spain similar to those of a high school Spanish student. To achieve this goal they should have a sufficient knowledge of Spanish language to follow lessons and to perform the various written tests (exam and courseworks) established in the course.
Description of contents: programme
1. Introduction to the History of Spain 1.1. Geography and Geopolitics 1.2. Change and Permanence in the History of Spain 1.3. Historical Periods. 2. Origins and Ancient History on the Peninsula 2.1. Peninsular Prehistory: General Notions 2.2. First Settlers: the Atapuerca¿s Man 2.3. First Colonies and Conquests: Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians 2.4. The Power of Rome on the Peninsula: evolution, political organization and culture (Romanization) 2.5. The Crisis of the Roman Empire and the Transition to the Middle Ages 3. The Middle Ages 3.1. General Characteristics and Periodization. 3.2. Christian and Muslim Kingdoms: Confrontation and Cohabitation 3.3. Culture, Society and Economy 3.5. The Crisis of the 15th Century and the Transition to Modern Times 4. Modern Age (I): Spain under the Habsburgs and the Siglo de Oro, Spain¿s Golden Age in Literature 4.1. The Formation of the Spanish Monarchy: the Catholic Kings 4.2. The Spanish Monarchy in Europe 4.3. Expansion Overseas: American Discovery 4.4. Society, Economy and Culture: the Renaissance and the Baroque 5. Modern Age (II): the Bourbons and the Enlightenment 5.1. The Changing of the Dynasty and its Consequences: internal reforms and international relations 5.2. Economy, Society and Culture in the 18th Century 5.3. The French Invasion and the Fall of Ancien Régime 6. Contemporary Years: the 19th Century 6.1. Political changes: The Liberal Revolution (1812-1868) 6.3. The Democratic Revolution (1868-1874) 6.4. The Restauration Regime (1875-1902) 6.5. Socio-Economic Transformations and Cultural aspects 7. The 20th century up to the Transition. 7.1. Monarchy and Dictatorship (1902-1931) 7.2. The Republic and the Civil War (1931-1939) 7.3. Franco¿s Regime (1939-1975) 8. The Transition to Democracy 8.1. The End of the Franco regime (1973-1975) 8.2. The Reestablishment of the Monarchy (1975-1977) 8.3. The 1978 Constitution 9. Spain Today (since 1977) 9.1. Elections and Political Parties 9.2. Autonomies and Nationalism 9.3. Society and the Mentality of the People 9.4. The Governmental Politics: UCD (1977-1982), PSOE (1982-1996) and PP (1996-1999).
Assessment System

Basic Bibliography
  • Antonio Domínguez Ortiz. España, tres milenios de Historia. Marcial Pons. 2001
  • Julio VALDEÓN, Joseph PEREZ y Santos JULIÁ. Historia de España. Espasa Calpe. 2003

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.