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Course: 2021/2022

Foundations of Calculus
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Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


To identify functions, their dependence on variables and their basic properties To understand the concept of limit and compute easy limits. To understand the definition of derivative and use its interpretation as tangent line. TO compute derivatives To understand the difference between indefinite and definite integral and compute easy integrals
Description of contents: programme
Funcitions and their graphs (4 lessons) ¿ Lines and quadratic functions ¿ Functions ¿ Combinations of functions Inverse functions Polinomial and rational functions (4 Lessons) Polynomial functions of Higher Degree Polynomial division Rational functions Ineqaulities and absolute values Limits and their properties. Continuous functions (4 lessons) ¿ Evaluating limits analytically ¿ Infinite limits ¿ Limits at infinity ¿ Continuity and one-side limits Definition and basic differentiation rule (4 lessons) ¿ The derivative and tangent line ¿ Basic differentiation rules ¿ Product and quotient rules and higher-order derivatives ¿ The Chain rule L'Hôpitals rule Primitives (4 lessons) ¿ Antiderivatives and indefinite integration ¿ Area and definite integrals ¿ Integration by substitution ¿ Integration by parts
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Basic Bibliography
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