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Course: 2018/2019

Sociology of the Spanish Educational System
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Coordinating teacher: FUNES LAPPONI, SILVINA

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Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Competences and skills that will be acquired and learning results.
- To know the basic topics of the Sociology of the Educational system. - To examine the main theoretical approaches and discussions of the sociology of the educational system. - To get acquainted with the sociological methodology and acquire the tools to analyze the educational systems. - To explore and analyze the main indicators and educational data for Spain and other countries. - To examine the educational policies and the assessment of the educational systems - To explore the relationship between social structure, economy, culture and the educational system.
Description of contents: programme
1. Education as socialization process. The social functions of the school. Justification of the emergence of the educational system. 2. Fundamentals of the Sociology of the Educational System. 3. Origins and evolution of the Spanish educational system. 4. The provision of education and educational policies. Reform and innovation in teaching. The main contradictions of the educational system. 5. Factors affecting education: Agents: Internal and external. 6. Factors affecting education: Processes and educational results. International assessments of educational performance and international studies on education. 7. Factors affecting education: Education and inequality. Class background and school performance. Class, gender and ethnicity. 8. Factors affecting education: education and employment in Spain. 9. Evaluation of the Spanish educational system. Main problems. 10. Evaluation of the Spanish educational system. Major challenges. 11. Educational systems in advanced societies. Case studies. 12. Educational systems in Latin America. Case studies.
Learning activities and methodology
Classes combine the presentation of the theoretical aspects with exercises and activities. In each issue we will work through a field trip, empirical or audiovisual materials and texts to complete the contents of the topic. Groups will be formed to research the educational system of a Latin American country to compare with the Spanish system or others (American, Latin American, etc). The students will be able to ask for specific tutor sessions on demand.
Assessment System
Basic Bibliography
  • Apple, M., S.J. Ball y L. A. Gandin . The Routledge International Handbook of the Sociology of Education. Routledge. 2010
  • Egido, I.. Transforming Education: The Spanish Experience. Nova Science Publication. 2004
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