Checking date: 28/03/2022

Course: 2023/2024

Sustainability and Regional Governance
Master in Global Sustainable Development and Global Governance (Plan: 473 - Estudio: 376)

Coordinating teacher: OZEL SERBETÇI, ISIK

Department assigned to the subject: Social Sciences Department

Type: Electives
ECTS Credits: 3.0 ECTS


Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
-Various conceptualizations of ¿region¿ in the context of sustainability governance. "Eco-territoriality" as a key term in studies of environmental sustainability. -International, regional and supranational agreements regarding socioeconomic and environmental sustainability. The various sustainability initiatives of regional organizations such as the European Union, MERCOSUR, ASEAN, and the African Union. -Recognition of the spatial aspect of regions and emphasis on initiatives and governance at the regional level by the various United Nations Environment Programs (UNEP) both by international treaties and conventions. -Diversity of forms and platforms of regional cooperation and their intersection with global cooperation. Comparison and critical analysis of the effectiveness of these platforms in the context of sustainability.
Assessment System

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.