Checking date: 20/06/2022

Course: 2024/2025

Bachelor's Degree Final Project
Bachelor in Science, Technology and Humanities (Plan: 470 - Estudio: 374)


Department assigned to the subject: Humanities: Philosophy, Language, Literature Theory Department

Type: Bachelor Thesis
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
In order to take this course, the student must have passed at least two thirds of the study plan, that is, 160 credits, and all the credits of the first year.
The Final Degree Project is a 6-credit subject that is part of the Final Degree Project of the fourth year. It is a compulsory subject in which all students of the degree in Science, Technology and Humanities must carry out an academic work related to any of the subjects of the degree or their interrelation. The subject will have a common coordination for the three centers assigned to a member of the UAB faculty and a responsible person in each of the other two centers. The Final Degree Project in Science, Technology and Humanities may be carried out according to one of the following typologies: (a) Proposal for an innovation and development project in science, technology and humanities: elaboration of an introductory research project. b) Bibliographic study: argued synthesis of current studies on a specific topic. c) Project of management and transfer of scientific culture: elaboration of a project related to any aspect of transfer and communication of scientific culture that could eventually be carried out in a specific company or institution. The Final Degree Project must be carried out individually and autonomously by each student under the supervision of a tutor belonging to the faculty of the degree of the UAB, UAM and UC3M. Objectives of the work The objective of the course is the elaboration and presentation of an academic work that allows to evaluate in a global and synthetic way the level of achievement of the specific and transversal competences of the degree by the students. Two formative activities are included in this work: 1. The realization of an essay in which a specific research topic is developed within the framework of the subjects included in the syllabus of the degree. Exceptionally, other presentation formats (poster or audiovisual) will be accepted, but in any case they must be accompanied by a minimum written presentation. 2. The public defense of the work before a tribunal specifically constituted for this purpose.
Description of contents: programme
The course will have a general calendar for the assignment of the topic/tutor, monitoring, defense and evaluation of the work. Within the framework of an academic year, the following periods/steps will be considered: - The coordination of the subject (which has a professor responsible at each university) publishes a list of possible topics and tutors for the completion of the Final Degree Project. - Students request a topic and tutor according to their preferences by selecting one of the topics on the list. This list of topics is provided by the professors who are likely to tutor the TFG. In some cases, the title of the work may be indicative, in order to specify later with the student the precise aspect that can be developed in the TFG. - The coordination of the subject publishes the definitive assignment of topics and tutors. In the assignment, the tutor takes into consideration the priorities of the students and their academic record, so as to ensure that the number of TFGs directed by each tutor is balanced among all faculty. - Completion of the work by the student with the supervision of the tutor. Each tutor will establish a monitoring schedule and will collect the necessary evidence to evaluate the process of completion of the work. - Delivery of the written essay (and, eventually, of complementary materials, such as a poster or audiovisual documentation). - Oral defense of the work.
Assessment System
Formal aspects Formal characteristics of the written essay: - The work will have an extension of 20 to 30 pages (2100 characters/page) in DINA 4 format, not including the chapters of acknowledgements, motivation, bibliography and complementary information (images, graphics, annexes, etc.). In the case that material is presented in other formats (poster or audiovisual) the written essay may have a shorter length (15 pages, 2100 characters/page). - The usual academic standards for scientific essays and the editing rules established in the Teaching Guide of the subject will be followed. - Any plagiarism, total or partial, of the content will be automatically penalized with a failure. Formal characteristics of the oral presentation: - The presentation will have a total duration of 30 minutes. The student will have 20 minutes to present the Final Project and 10 minutes to answer the questions asked by the evaluators. - During the presentation, the student must explain, at least, the approach and objectives of the work, the methodology and the sources or materials used, the state of the question, the results obtained and the conclusions reached. Evaluation system (rubrics) In the evaluation of the Final Degree Project, a weighted average will be made between: - the written essay (70%) evaluated by the tutor and by a second evaluator of the examining board that will judge the oral presentation; - the presentation and public defense of the work (30% of the final grade).
Additional information

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.