Checking date: 20/06/2022

Course: 2022/2023

Bachelor Thesis
Study: Dual Bachelor in Engineering Physics and Industrial Technologies Engineering (370)


Department assigned to the subject: Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis Department

Type: Bachelor Thesis
ECTS Credits: 12.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
Compliance with the requirements established by the University's regulations regarding the conditions prior to registration and presentation of the Final Project. For more information, please consult the following link:
1. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the basic principles, both theoretical and practical, and apply them to the resolution of problems specific to their professional field. 2. Have the ability to collect and interpret the information necessary for the successful development of future engineering work. 3. Demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems using the methods learned during their student career. 4. Be able to clearly present the methodology used and the conclusions reached, both to the engineering community and to less specialized audiences. 5. Demonstrate a commitment to good engineering practice. 6. Knowledge of the impact that the solutions proposed can have on the social and environmental environment.
Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
Performance of an original work that must be presented and defended before a university tribunal. The final Bachelor thesis must be in line with the scope of the degree and must apply the competences acquired in the courses.
Learning activities and methodology
The student will develop the competences acquired throughout the course and will apply his knowledge to the realization of a work in the field of this degree. The work will end with the presentation and defense of the same and the delivery of a written report. The report must include a statement of the problem, the objectives of the work, a theoretical development where the state of the art and reference standards (if applicable), the resolution of the problem, analysis of the results obtained and finally the conclusions reached. The student will make the presentation and defense of his project in an appropriate language, which will be evaluated by a university tribunal. During the development of the project, the student will be assisted and guided by a tutor in order to ensure that the final project is of high quality and professionalism. The tutor will indicate to the student the tutoring regime, which may be presential or virtual.
Assessment System
The evaluation will consist of a written report of the final thesis and its defense through an oral test before an examining committee chosen for this purpose. The examining committee will evaluate the written work, the presentation and the student's explanations to the questions posed. The evaluation is made according to an evaluation matrix, which includes the fundamental aspects that the final thesis must comply with in order to obtain the maximum grade. The student must submit the report sufficiently in advance so that the examining committee can evaluate the work before the presentation. The grade will also take into account the evaluation made by the tutor through a report that he/she issues before the day of the defense. In addition, the originality of the final thesis is verified in order to detect plagiarism. The verification is carried out through a global classroom tool, aimed at comparing the work submitted with the articles, papers and electronic resources available to date. The evaluation percentage will be 100%. Students who intend to pass the ECTS of the final dissertation in English must complete both the report and the presentation and defense in this language.
Basic Bibliography
  • Cuschieri, Sarah ; Grech, Victor ; Savona-Ventura, Charles. WASP (Write a Scientific Paper): How to write a scientific thesis. Early human development. 2018
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