Checking date: 21/03/2023

Course: 2024/2025

Bachelor Thesis
Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Political Science (Plan: 506 - Estudio: 320)


Department assigned to the subject: Social Sciences Department

Type: Bachelor Thesis
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
Only students formalizing the enrollment of all units pending completion of their studies will be able to enroll in the End of Grade Dissertation
- Students will get to know a political science topic in depth - They will put into practice the theoretical, methodological and technical and instrumental skills acquired throughout the degree - They will acquire practical experience in using research methods making, at the same time, use of different sources: bibliographic sources, interviews, statistics, etc. - They will become familiar with strategies for reporting scientific and empirical information in the context of a rigorous academic work - They will be able to explain why they chose a specific topic, how structured their research, how they reached their conclusions and what were their sources - They will learn how to communicate the results of a research both verbally and in writing
Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
The objective of the Final Degree Project is that students develop a research project related to any of the subjects studied in the Degree. To do so, the student will apply the scientific methodology learned during the Degree. In the realization of this work, the student will need to choose a topic of interest, and subsequently identify a research problem that can be posed through one or several questions. In the TFG, the student will try to provide answers based on logical reasoning and using the methods of analysis learned during their studies. For the elaboration of the work, students will have a personal tutor. There are two ways to establish and develop the relationship with the tutor: - GENERAL modality: the professors of the area will offer to tutor a predetermined number of Final Degree Works, each one offering a topic related to the contents of the Degree. Within this topic, a more specific object on which to carry out the work will be sought. - SPECIFIC modality: this is a work on a specific topic to be carried out by a single student under the supervision of a professor of the University. Students who wish to carry out this type of work must first contact the professor they would like to act as tutor, who must previously accept it. In general, and except in exceptional cases, all Final Degree Projects in Political Science will be carried out in the GENERAL modality.
Learning activities and methodology
- General: Taking into account the number of students who meet the requirements to develop the End of Grade Dissertation, students will be grouped according to the topics of their choice. They will receive: - 3 hours of tutorial in the classroom - 3 hours of individual tutorial - Specific: work to be performed by a single student under the supervision of a teacher. Students will receive: - At least 6 hours of individual tutorial In both cases students are expected to work 300 hours
Assessment System
There are two submission periods for the TFG. In the first call both the submission of the TFG and its public defense will be in June, and in the second call the Final Degree Project will be submitted in July and its public defense will be in September. Students must choose between one of these two calls and only those students who have passed 85% of the ECTS credits of their degree can defend the Final Degree Project. Those students who have enrolled in the course and do not meet this requirement at the end of the academic year may waive the call, and must submit the Final Degree Project in the following academic year or, if applicable, in the next submission period corresponding to their degree. In this regard, there is an early call, to which certain students who meet certain requirements may apply, to carry out the Final Degree Project during the first four-month period, the evaluation of which takes place in February. The final grade of the Final Degree Project will be the result of combining in a weighted way the evaluation given by the tutor with the final evaluation carried out by an evaluation panel. The percentage weight of each of them is as follows: Tutor's grade: 30%. Evaluation by the examining board: 70%. In due time, students will be able to consult the evaluation matrix in which the competences established for this subject and the way to evaluate the level of acquisition of each one of them will be identified.
Additional information

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.