Checking date: 21/04/2020

Course: 2019/2020

Bachelor Thesis (Political Science)
Study: Dual Bachelor in International Studies and Political Science (320)

Coordinating teacher: LOSADA MAESTRE, ROBERTO

Department assigned to the subject: Department of Social Sciences

Type: Bachelor Thesis
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Students are expected to have completed
The requirements to enroll in the Bachelor Thesis (BT) are established by the university regulations. Only those students who enroll in all the pending courses for finishing their studies, can register for the thesis.
Competences and skills that will be acquired and learning results. Further information on this link
The objective of the Bachelor Thesis is to allow students to carry out a research project in Political Sciences. For that purpose, students will apply the scientific methodology learned during their Bachelor studies. In order to write a Thesis, students will first choose a topic and a tutor. In the Thesis, students will offer answers based on a logic reasoning and using the analytical methods learned during their Bachelor studies.
Description of contents: programme
n this subject, students must develop an individual thesis where they show the skills and abilities acquired in the degree. The students will have assigned a personal tutor to supervise their Bachelor Thesis.
Learning activities and methodology
The teaching-learning method will be tutorial. The tutor is the advisor guiding the students in choosing the best alternatives throughout the thesis development process.
Assessment System
The evaluation system will consist of the review and assessment of the TFG by two professors who will form part of a non-face-to-face tribunal.
Assessment Matrix
Additional information

The course syllabus and the academic weekly planning may change due academic events or other reasons.