Checking date: 06/06/2021

Course: 2021/2022

Study: Master in Business Administration (MBA) (301)

Coordinating teacher: MELERO MARTIN, EDUARDO

Department assigned to the subject: Department of Business Administration

Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 3.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
No requirement
This course is focused on examining leadership theory emphasizing on the development of leadership and interpersonal skills through self-assessment cases and exercises. It will cover the impact of emotional and social intelligence applied to leadership on the team development and performance. With this course, participants will improve as a leader in different aspects: - leading personal and professional life: setting targets, vision, goals - organize teams and people: team building, change management, conflict solving and motivation. - improve communication skills: Influence, effective feedback, conflict resolution, creative thinking, evaluation, and interpersonal skills.
Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
Outdoor Getafe: Teambuilding, Leadership and Teams, Characteristics of Teams & Virtual Teams, Key Competencies of a Team Leader, Leading a virtual team:Phases. Different Social Styles in a Team, Practical cases. Class 1: Emotional Intelligence applied to Leadership What is Emotional Intelligence Understanding how emotions impact on our behavior Emotional Competence Framework Class 2: Conflict Management and Negotiation Conflict and its resolution in organizations Distributive and Integrative Negotiation Conflict Management/Negotiation Styles Negotiation phases and best practices Case study role plays Class 3: Setting Goals and Feedback Setting goals to the team - SMART Goals How to give effective feedback ¿ DESC script The and how to give feedback to each of them. Practical cases Class 4: Situational Leadership - Ken Blanchard What is Situational Leadership Test of Leadership Style The Leader-Coach Class 5: Change Management The 8 Steps in Change Management - John Kotter Managing Change Developing Resilience Practical cases/cases studies Class 6: Team Presentations Written Exam
Learning activities and methodology
Classroom teaching methods will include lectures, movies, class discussion, videos, oral presentations, written assignments, group projects...
Assessment System
  • % end-of-term-examination 50
  • % of continuous assessment (assigments, laboratory, practicals...) 50
Basic Bibliography
  • Bruce J. Avolio, Fred Walumbwa and Todd Weber. Leadership: Current Theories, Research and Future Directions. Annual Review of Psychology. 2009
  • Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee. Resonant Leadership. Harvard Business School. 2005
  • Stewart D. Friedman. Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life. Stewart D. Friedman. 2008

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.