Checking date: 18/05/2022

Course: 2023/2024

Images and representation: representing the body
Master in Spanish Current Language and Literature (Plan: 322 - Estudio: 292)


Department assigned to the subject: Humanities: Philosophy, Language, Literature Theory Department

Type: Electives
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
Spanish knowledge (advanced, proficient or superior)
By the end of this course the student should be able to hold an overview of the main images of the human body and how they are represented in theatre, novel, poetry and other literary discourses in Spanish. These may be considered nowadays as an extraordinary field for aesthetic and politic reflection in this imaginary. The student will develop the following competences: 1. Knowledge of various ways of representing body ad sexuality in contemporary Spanish literature. 2. Analyse critical writing literary relevant texts and performances on this subject. 3. Identify forms of represention of human body. 4. Apply the new acquired knowledge of these representations and its literature to middle and superior levels of Spanish.
Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
1. Literature, sexuality and writing: notes for a critical reading 2. Body, space and society: symbols and imaginaries on the sexual experience of the Spanish society 3. Exploring the visceral. Taboos and prejudices 4. Body and scenic representations
Learning activities and methodology
This course intends to focus the attention on the student and his development of independence in the process of learning and acquiring comunicative competence, particularly, literary competence and intercultural competence inside and outside the class. The student will be expected to do a series of readings, activities based on said readings, participate during the lesson as well as he wil have to do creativewriting exercises. In addition, the student will also have to prepare a critical discourse to be presented at the end of the course.
Assessment System
  • % end-of-term-examination 60
  • % of continuous assessment (assigments, laboratory, practicals...) 40
Calendar of Continuous assessment
Basic Bibliography
  • It will be provided . at the beginning. of the course.

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.