Checking date: 04/06/2021

Course: 2024/2025

Professional Internships
Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies (Plan: 384 - Estudio: 231)

Coordinating teacher: ASENJO MCCABE, SUSANA

Department assigned to the subject: Communication and Media Studies Department

Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
In the student's academic record, the subjects related to the scope of the company's activities where the student applies will be positively considered.
1. Ability to assimilate a global and first-handed vision of the functioning of a workcenter of the media sector. 2. Capacity and ability to integrate into a specific working and professional environment. 3. Knowledge, skills and contact with the labour market, completing the academic training cycle.
Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
1. Briefing and guidance meetings with students: two face-to-face sessions with the students enrolled in the subject, where the training activities, the methodology and the tutorial time wil be explained. - The first session will take place during the fisrt academic term. - The second meeting, at the beginning of the second term. Each meeting will have a duration of two hours. 2. Tutorial time for the follow-up of the practicum: the professors of the subject will set a timetable for tutorials at the beginning of the term. 3. Assistance to a work center in the conditions that are established by each company regarding duration, schedule, requirements and tasks involved in the practice.
Learning activities and methodology
1. Practical Classes: 1.1 Meetings for the co-ordination of the practicum (0,5 ECTS) and briefing and guidance sessions with students. 1.2. Students work: to carry out a proper and diligent internship and to prepare and present an explanatory memory about the practice. (5,5 ECTS) The ordinary period to do the intership during the academic year is established iform the beginning of the term on september to september 30 of the following year. Practicum involves the assistance to a workcenter in the conditions established by companies regarding duration, schedule, requirements and tasks involved in the practice. Intership must allow the student to follow the course normally. Once in the workcenter, students, under the supervision of a tutor, should put into practice the knowledge learned during their training at University, and fully integrate into a workplace (to atend with strict punctuality, to establish correct relations with colleagues, to cope with the activities requiered by the staff in the company with diligence and professionalism, etc.). However, the subject offers the posibility to validate interships other than the ones managed by the professors to those students who meet the requirements.
Assessment System
The student's evaluation will be carry out bearing in mind several aspects: - Proffesional tutor's assesment (70% of the final grade) - Other requirements of the subject (10% of the final grade): * Attendance to the mandatory briefing meeting. * Preparation of the student's cv following the guidelines provided on the website of the subject and the entry of the cv at this web. * Personal meeting during tutorial time with one of the professors * In case of internship validation, submission of the necesary documentation within the required time limit. - Submission of a written documetn describing the students internship and its oral presentation in classroom. (20% of the final grade). The written document must be handed in the oral presentation act and the date set for that purpose. Written documents submited out the deadline wont be accepted. The first part of the evaluation will be done by the proffesional tutor, responsible for the student during internship. The proffesor will send the tutor a specific questionnaire, where the tasks carried out by the student will be assess, aswell as the student's personal disposition and his/her relationship with colleagues and the tutor. The tutor can add any other relevant information about the student's performance. Also, the student will write and will orally present a written work relative to the period of internship that should contain (as basis points): -Objectives and general information about the company (type of work centre, special features, etc.). -Brief description of the activities carried out during the internship period: area of work, methodology, professional tasks, handling of technical resources, knowledge of the team dynamics... -Student's assessment of their stay at the company during the Practicum, wich will allow professors to assess the student's academic performance and the suitability of the internship work centre for future colaborations: learning processes, acquired professional routines... The student might fail the subject in the event of unjustified abandonment of the internship before the end of the agreed period or due to the reasonable dismissal of the student by the company.

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.