Checking date: 10/05/2022

Course: 2022/2023

Political behaviour
Study: Bachelor in Political Science (205)

Coordinating teacher: GARCIA ALBACETE, GEMA MARIA

Department assigned to the subject: Department of Social Sciences

Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
1. The role of citizens and political participation in contemporary democracies 2. Normative and empirical perspectives. Forms and levels of participation 3. Political Attitudes. Development and evolution 4. Political participation theories: individual, meso and macro levels 5. Non-institutional participation and protest: individual and contextual explanations 6. Inequality in political participation: causes and consequences 7. New forms of participation and online activism
Learning activities and methodology
LECTURES. Lectures by the instructor in class with support of computer and audiovisual media, including the main concepts of the subject and the materials and bibliography provided to complement students' learning PRACTICES. Resolution, individually or in groups, of practical cases, problems, etc. raised by the instructor OFFICE HOURS. Individualized assistance (individual tutorials) or group (collective tutorials) to students by the instructor.
Assessment System
  • % end-of-term-examination 60
  • % of continuous assessment (assigments, laboratory, practicals...) 40
Calendar of Continuous assessment
Basic Bibliography
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The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.