Checking date: 19/04/2024

Course: 2024/2025

Bachelor Thesis
Bachelor in Statistics and Business (Plan: 400 - Estudio: 203)

Coordinating teacher: GRANE CHAVEZ, AUREA

Department assigned to the subject: Statistics Department

Type: Bachelor Thesis
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Requirements (Subjects that are assumed to be known)
Only those students who enroll in all the pending courses to finish their studies can register for the Bachelor's Thesis.
Integration of multidisciplinary knowledge acquired along all degree studies. 1. Capacity for analysis and synthesis. 2. Modelling and problem solving. 3. Oral and written communication.
Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
The Bachelor Thesis is the realization of a work in which the student applies the techniques and skills acquired during the Bachelor Degree either through a specific problem proposed by the supervisor of the Bachelor Thesis or through a problem/project proposed by a Company with which an agreement is signed in advance. Also, the adequacy of the Company's project to the objectives of the Degree should be evaluated. There are two Bachelor's Thesis modalities between which the students can choose. In either case, a supervisor will be assigned from whom students will receive advice. a) GENERAL Bachelor Thesis: They are small groups of students (from 10 to 15) with the same specialized supervisor in the area of Statistics and Data Science who will guide students in the choice and development of work. Each student will carry out an individual work, although works within the same group may deal with a common theme. There will be group orientation and supervision activities for the common points, and individual supervision for the specific aspects of each thesis. The number of groups offered and their themes will be announced at an informative meeting, before the enrolment period (November). These groups are administratively organized analogously to any other undergraduate course, and managed by each supervisor. The supervisor will provide materials (bbdd, software, texts, etc.) to carry out the thesis. It is the preferred modality in the School of Law and Social Sciences. b) SPECIFIC Bachelor Thesis: It is a work on a specific subject to be carried out by a single student under the supervision of a UC3M professor. In order to carry out a specific Bachelor Thesis, the students who wish, should contact to a professor to act as supervisor beforehand. In this case, they must present the specific Bachelor Thesis request at the Student Office or Virtual Secreteriat, conveniently signed by the supervisor who has accepted the Bachelor Thesis supervision. The request will be forwarded to the Vice-Dean for consideration and approval. The specific modality is intended for research-oriented thesis, highly specialized topics, thesis with supervisors from companies or institutions outside UC3M. Each student with a specific bachelor thesis will be enrolled in a single group in Sigma that will be managed by their supervisor.
Learning activities and methodology
Individual work (6 ECTS ) . The Bachelor Thesis consists of at least two group tutoring sessions of one hour and a half each. In addition, each student may consult with the supervisor any doubts that will arise in carrying out its work through individual tutoring sessions.
Assessment System
The evaluation will be done in two phases: - The tutor will make a first evaluation that will have a weight of 30%. - A committee of two (or three) evaluators will assess the thesis and its oral defense by the student with a grade that will have a weight of 70%. The University uses the Turnitin Feedback Studio program for the delivery of student work. This program compares the originality of the work delivered by each student with millions of electronic resources and detects those parts of the text that are copied and pasted. If the student has correctly made the appointment and the bibliographic reference of the documents he/she uses as a source, Turnitin will not mark it as plagiarism. The tutor will analyze the percentage of coincidences detected by the plagiarism control systems applied. If the existence of plagiarism is concluded, it will be stated in the report and it will be brought to the attention of the coordinator of the School and/or Vice-Dean of the degree, who will be able to determine the grade of zero-fail in the call, ending at that moment the process of evaluation. In addition, the appropriate disciplinary measures may be implemented ( 20.3 Regulations for the organization of the subject Final Bachelor Degree Thesis of the School of Law and Social Sciences of the Carlos III University of Madrid, September 25th, 2020) .
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