Checking date: 26/04/2024

Course: 2024/2025

Analysis of Subcultures in Social Sciences
Bachelor in Cultural Studies (Plan: 435 - Estudio: 364)

Coordinating teacher: BOULAND , ANNELIEN MICHELLE

Department assigned to the subject: Social Sciences Department

Type: Compulsory
ECTS Credits: 6.0 ECTS


Skills and learning outcomes
Description of contents: programme
This subject aims to study the popular cultural forms that grow keeping pace with the processes of modernization in contemporary cities. From the times of Birmingham School in the sixties, a number of studies have constituted the discipline of subcultural studies. The student will learn the historical development of the greater subcultural movements, and will acquire capacities of analysis of the most contemporary movements. 1. The first subcultural movements in UK and USA 2. Subcultural movements as a symptom of social transformation: generational ruptures and the creation of ¿young¿ culture. 3. Music and subcultural movements: rock, pop, etc., as identities 4. The question of social class and subcultures 5. Great subcultures of late twentieth century: hippies, punk, hip-hop,¿ 6. Urban tribes 7. Present-day debates on popular music.
Assessment System
  • % end-of-term-examination 60
  • % of continuous assessment (assigments, laboratory, practicals...) 40

Extraordinary call: regulations

The course syllabus may change due academic events or other reasons.